DUID Victim Voices

Education and promoting effective laws to reduce Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)

About DUID Victim Voices:

Many voices are heard when a state considers stronger DUID laws. The voices of the marijuana lobby, law enforcement professionals, forensic toxicologists, and drug users typically dominate. DUID Victim Voices represents the interests of the victims of drugged driving, providing fact-based education and a victim perspective to decision makers and to the general public.


All states define alcohol DUI per se with laboratory tests that prove impairment by a blood alcohol level greater than .08 gm/dl for adults and greater than zero (or .02 gm/dl) for minors. Laboratory tests are routinely performed for all suspected alcohol DUI cases. Only 17 states define drug DUI (DUID) per se by objective laboratory tests.

Three additional states have established permissible limits for marijuana’s active THC in drivers, but these limits are a poor substitute for comprehensive drug per se laws. All other states use more difficult, costly, and subjective means to prove DUID on a case-by-case basis, with highly variable results.

Drugged Driving – it’s not all about marijuana

JSI Final copyThanksgiving Day, 2015 at 9:00 AM MST, I will be interviewed by Judge Mary Celeste of the Judicial Speaker Institute.  After its debut, the podcast of the interview will be available on iTunes.

The interview will focus on the results of DUID Victim Voice’s most recent research:  DUID Prevalence in Colorado’s DUI Citations.   The research covered all vehicular homicide and vehicular assault charges in Colorado in 2013, 78% of which were also DUI cases.  We’ll … READ MORE

Colorado’s 5 ng THC law is failing

The fatal flaws of Colorado’s infamous 5 ng THC permissible inference law are now coming to light.  The 5 ng law firmly positioned Colorado with the weakest DUID laws in the nation.  Colorado’s law was supposed to make it somewhat easier to convict a Read More

Celebrating small victories

The day after The Denver Post published its front page story celebrating the ‘coming of age’ of marijuana, and the day after we published our Stoking the fire rebuke of the newspaper’s disregard for journalistic integrity, The Post’s editorial board Read More