Myers Family


Jan 22, 2002

Hi, everyone, I’m Howard Myers, my wife is Emma, we live in Colorado. I’m writing in hopes that you will pass this story along to family and friends, so other states don’t make the same mistakes as they did in Colorado on the pot issues. It was Jan 22, 2002, when our three kids, who were heading home from school, were hit head on at 50 mph in a car crash.

The young man who hit them was high on marijuana.Bethany 17, was life flighted to the hospital. She broke her collarbone, and had a mild brain injury. Today she still has to go to therapy for her back and neck pain. She is married, her husband is a captain in the Army, and they have three little boys. She earned a degree in the medical field.

Lukas was 12, he broke almost every bone in both legs, both wrists and his nose was broken; he also had a mild brain injury. He was pinned in the car for one hour, then life flighted out. He was in the hospital for 3 months. After 1½ years they had to amputate his right leg. Today he is a volunteer fire fighter and EMT.

He also rode with a group called Amputees Across America.  They ride their bikes across the U.S. to go into rehabs to encourage people.Ethan, 9, was taken to the hospital by ambulance, as his condition was too bad to wait for the helicopter. He had broken both legs and had a traumatic brain injury. He was pronounced brain dead that first week.

He was in a coma for one month, and in the hospital for 3½ months. He had to relearn how to talk, walk and eat. He was a junior volunteer at the hospital for 3½ years.  You can see his video on YouTube.  Search for “Ethan’s Story Memorial Hospital”.We have been speaking in schools since 2004, on drugs and alcohol, and sharing the kids’ story. We are also still dealing with legal issues as of today.