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The facts on drug per se laws

A benefit of federalism is that states can experiment with various ways to solve societal and legal problems.  But this only works if states learn

Spreading the Truth

SAM, Sensible Approaches to Marijuana, is an organization dedicated to fighting the commercialization of marijuana and its expanded use. Their original charter is now expanding


2021 Colorado DUI Data Report

Colorado’s 2021 report “Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol” was released, covering arrests occurring in 2019.  The report was delayed, hoping to capture



It’s not often that we laud the efforts of politicians but the courage of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker deserves notice.  He is the sponsor of


Is Arizona next?

We were successful getting the state of Colorado to amend its Driver Education Handbook to educate new teen drivers about the dangers of drugged driving.


Why parents are testing their kids for drug use

Introduction Proponents of marijuana[1] legalization tout the drug’s safety and emphasize some of its medicinal properties.  They have been successful in achieving legalization of marijuana


PBS journalistic integrity questioned

September 29th 2021, Boston’s Public Broadcasting station WGBH released its NOVA documentary entitled “The Cannabis Question.”  A week later it sponsored a panel discussion on

Blood Level

Appeal to AG Garland

We submitted the following letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland today, copying the White House. This was part of a nationwide effort on the

Blood Level

The folly of a 5 ng/ml THC inference level

It hasn’t worked for Colorado, but that’s not stopping defense attorney/Senator Nathan Manning from trying to weaken Ohio’s drugged driving laws with his proposed SB


“Woke” politics infect the ONDCP

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has a mission of reducing substance use disorder.  Occasionally ONDCP has made common sense suggestions to deal