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Bad News, Good News

The bad news: Denver voters approved Initiative 300 in the November, 2016 election. Initiative 300 bypasses Amendment 64’s constitutional promise that legalized marijuana could not

Skydiving without a Parachute

Many conferences have been developed to help policy makers understand the impacts of marijuana legalization.  We at DUID Victim Voices have been occasionally requested to

Understanding Legal Marijuana

I attended an Advanced DRE/Green Lab course in November, sponsored by Chris Halsor of Understanding Legal Marijuana, LLC. The course catered to Drug Recognition Experts

Colorado’s 5 ng THC law is failing

The fatal flaws of Colorado’s infamous 5 ng THC permissible inference law are now coming to light.  The 5 ng law firmly positioned Colorado with

Celebrating small victories

The day after The Denver Post published its front page story celebrating the ‘coming of age’ of marijuana, and the day after we published our

Stoking the fire

Folklore claims Nero fiddled while Rome burned. While the United States descends into drug use and addiction, The Denver Post doesn’t just fiddle. It adds

Life Long Learning

Gotta sharpen the saw every now and then.  We’ll be attending two educational sessions in the next few months to stay on top of emerging

Legislative progress

We are pleased to report that Illinois’ Governor Rauner exercised a line item veto that we requested of HB 218 that would have established a