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It’s not often that we laud the efforts of politicians but the courage of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker deserves notice.  He is the sponsor of


Is Arizona next?

We were successful getting the state of Colorado to amend its Driver Education Handbook to educate new teen drivers about the dangers of drugged driving.

Blood Level

Appeal to AG Garland

We submitted the following letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland today, copying the White House. This was part of a nationwide effort on the


“Woke” politics infect the ONDCP

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has a mission of reducing substance use disorder.  Occasionally ONDCP has made common sense suggestions to deal

CDC guidance: THC and crash risk

Those who cling to the myth that THC’s role in traffic safety is unclear were buoyed by release in 2017 of guidance from the Centers

Choose your favorite lie

The House of Representatives passed the MORE Act December 4, 2020.  Properly characterized as a marijuana legalization act by USA Today, Bloomberg, Yahoo and many

Colorado myopia

Colorado politician Representative Ed Perlmutter introduced H.R. 1595 to the US House of Representatives on March 7, 2019.  “The purpose of this Act is to

Twelve Drugged-Driving Lessons from Colorado

What has marijuana legalization done to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases in Colorado? Important answers are now emerging.  July 2018, the  Division of Criminal Justice

Two great new sources of data!

There were two great publications out this month! First, the Colorado Department of Public Safety’s Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) released Driving Under the Influence of

Lies from the Marijuana Lobby

May 26th we posted a critique of the Congressional lobbying effort of the Cannabis Industry Association.  Since then, we have worked with Responsibility.org to get the message