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Spreading the Truth

SAM, Sensible Approaches to Marijuana, is an organization dedicated to fighting the commercialization of marijuana and its expanded use. Their original charter is now expanding

Another badly flawed study

Jeff Brubacher from Vancouver General Hospital published “Cannabis use as a risk factor for causing motor vehicle crashes: a prospective study.”  The study has earned

More bad legislation

Many states are considering legislation to deal with their drugged driving problem.  The good news is that they recognize the problem.  The bad news is

More bad journalism

Jacob Sullum, a pro-pot writer for Reason and Fortune magazines, is at it again. This time, he claims that marijuana’s impact on crash risk has

Tilting at windmills is also futile

Two recent research reports explain why blood tests are ineffective for determining driving impairment by marijuana, and why impairment-based DUI per se blood level limits

Dumbing down the jury pool

Forbes Magazine has joined the Denver Post, the Los Angeles Times and other rags that spread misinformation about drugged driving. Jacob Sullum’s Colorado’s Prosecutors Complain