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The facts on drug per se laws

A benefit of federalism is that states can experiment with various ways to solve societal and legal problems.  But this only works if states learn

Spreading the Truth

SAM, Sensible Approaches to Marijuana, is an organization dedicated to fighting the commercialization of marijuana and its expanded use. Their original charter is now expanding

Wanted: imaginative thinking

Rosekind, Ehsani and Michael published a June 2020 Commentary in JAMA Internal Medicine calling for more data to inform policies needed to reduce impaired driving

Morally reprehensible Colorado legislature

Colorado’s House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor yesterday approved HB19-1230, a bill creating “Marijuana Hospitality Establishments” so purchasers of “legal” marijuana would have public

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Drugged driving creates victims, regardless of the cause: opioids, methamphetamine, marijuana, polydrug use, or many others.  So we’re pleased to support the initiative of SAM

Why journalists lose respect

Journalists were once respected observers and critics of American life. That’s rarely the case today because of shallow reports such as “Answers to five questions