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The pot lobby

Two weeks after the marijuana lobby descended on Congress, Senators Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren announced legislation that would prevent Federal officials from enforcing the

Celebrating small victories

Colorado’s HB18-1258 that would have permitted marijuana “tasting rooms” passed the legislature but was vetoed by Governor HIckenlooper.  The Governor cited concerns with increased impaired

Lying to Congress

This week the Cannabis Industry Association (CIA) presented its report to Congress extolling marijuana’s tax and employment benefits, its use to combat the opioid crisis, the industry need

The marijuana lobby

Colorado’s Republican Representative Polly Lawrence and Democratic Representative Jonathan Singer sponsored a request to the State’s Legislative Council to form in interim study committee to

Sign the petition!

Drugged driving creates victims, regardless of the cause: opioids, methamphetamine, marijuana, polydrug use, or many others.  So we’re pleased to support the initiative of SAM

Mr Wood Goes to Washington

Like most sensible people, I try to avoid Washington DC.  But NHTSA’s Call to Action meeting on March 15, 2018 compelled me to succumb with

Recommended Drugged Driving Initiatives

Drugged driving is a complex problem that invites simplistic solutions like, “Why doesn’t ‘science’ determine an impairment level for each drug so we can deal

Another politician bought?

DUID Victim Voices has focused only on drugged driving, leaving the issue of legalizing impairing drugs like marijuana to others.  After all, drugged driving is

Pueblo West HS

February 12th Ed Wood of DUID Victim Voices presented Driving Under the Influence of Drugs to Mr. Tony Pechek’s classes at Pueblo West High School.

Vermont’s mockery

Vermont’s legislature wants to be the first in the nation to legalize marijuana via legislative action, rather than the ballot box.   Governor Phil Scott

FactCheck.org is Drinking the Kool-Aid

Until this month we felt that fact checking sites were immune to the ignorance and bias evident in media reporting of drugged-driving facts.  Our experience

Lies, Damns Lies and Statistics

The marijuana lobby’s media spokesmen Westword and Merry Jane were quick to laud trauma surgeon Jayson Aydelotte’s August 2017 report from the University of Texas