Celebrating small victories

Colorado’s HB18-1258 that would have permitted marijuana “tasting rooms” passed the legislature but was vetoed by Governor HIckenlooper.  The Governor cited concerns with increased impaired driving as a reason for his veto.

We wrote the Governor requesting that he veto the bill, pointing out that marijuana tasting rooms were fundamentally more dangerous than a neighborhood bar.  If an impaired driver leaves a bar and is arrested by an officer for impaired driving, Colorado laws ensure that the driver will be convicted.  That is not true for a marijuana-impaired driver.  If a patron becomes impaired from consuming a marijuana edible at a marijuana tasting room, Colorado law ensures that that patron will not be convicted. 

Blood THC levels never rise above 3 ng/ml due to consumption of a marijuana edible, and that’s for an edible five times the standard dose that would have been permitted under HB 1258.  Colorado’s 5 ng/ml permissible inference law makes it all-but-impossible to convict an impaired driver of DUI if they test below 5 ng/ml.

It appears that our argument carried some weight!


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