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Tandem DUI per se bill introduced, PI’d

January 29, 2019, HB19-1146, Concerning the offense of Tandem DUI per se was introduced into the Colorado legislature.  This bill replaces Colorado’s current 5 ng/ml

Two great new sources of data!

There were two great publications out this month! First, the Colorado Department of Public Safety’s Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) released Driving Under the Influence of

Vermont’s S.22 misadventure

Vermont’s legislature sent a recreational marijuana legalization bill to Governor Scott May 18, 2017.  Four days later, Scott vetoed the bill, noting concerns with drugged

Finally! Solid DUID data!

June 1, 2017 Governor Hickenlooper signed HB17-1315, negotiated and written by DUID Victim Voices founder Ed Wood.  The bill requires Colorado to collect, analyze and

Our bill was introduced!

It feels great to share a bit of good news.  Our DUID Data Bill was introduced into the Colorado House of Representatives by Representatives Jonathan

More bad legislation

Many states are considering legislation to deal with their drugged driving problem.  The good news is that they recognize the problem.  The bad news is

Setting the record straight

The Denver Post reported on March 4, 2017 that Jesus Carreno received a maximum sentence of six years after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide due

There’s a better way

The fall 2016 issue of The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice featured our article, “Why a 5 ng/ml THC limit is bad public policy –

Understanding Legal Marijuana

I attended an Advanced DRE/Green Lab course in November, sponsored by Chris Halsor of Understanding Legal Marijuana, LLC. The course catered to Drug Recognition Experts

What is the DUID Conviction Rate?

The short answer is that no one knows. Critics of stricter DUID bills claim that, since Colorado’s DUI conviction rate is reported to be nearly