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It’s not often that we laud the efforts of politicians but the courage of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker deserves notice.  He is the sponsor of


Is Arizona next?

We were successful getting the state of Colorado to amend its Driver Education Handbook to educate new teen drivers about the dangers of drugged driving.


PBS journalistic integrity questioned

September 29th 2021, Boston’s Public Broadcasting station WGBH released its NOVA documentary entitled “The Cannabis Question.”  A week later it sponsored a panel discussion on


Denver Post: Beginning to learn or more of the same?

DUID Victim Voices has been highly critical of the Denver Post’s inaccurate reporting, cheerleading for commercialization of psychotropic drugs like marijuana and ignoring its adverse

FactCheck.org is Drinking the Kool-Aid

Until this month we felt that fact checking sites were immune to the ignorance and bias evident in media reporting of drugged-driving facts.  Our experience

Lies, Damns Lies and Statistics

The marijuana lobby’s media spokesmen Westword and Merry Jane were quick to laud trauma surgeon Jayson Aydelotte’s August 2017 report from the University of Texas

Vermont’s S.22 misadventure

Vermont’s legislature sent a recreational marijuana legalization bill to Governor Scott May 18, 2017.  Four days later, Scott vetoed the bill, noting concerns with drugged

It’s not a contest, folks!

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) updated its 2017 drugged driving report that has garnered an immense amount of press.   Many in the media understood

Opposing the mainstream

Thanks to the efforts of DUID Victim Voices supporter Stephie Mager, Nevada has a DUID per se law that establishes legal limits for several drugs including methamphetamine,

Continued rise in DUID, reports CSP

Colorado makes no effort to collect, analyze and publish DUID statistics in the state. The state’s DUI reports cannot distinguish between causes of DUI, even