Opposing the mainstream

Thanks to the efforts of DUID Victim Voices supporter Stephie Mager, Nevada has a DUID per se law that establishes legal limits for several drugs including methamphetamine, amphetamine, cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana, and phencyclidine (Angel Dust).  The blood THC limit is 2 ng/ml, very close to the limits of quantification of most forensic toxicology laboratories.  

Perhaps due to Nevada’s recent move to legalize marijuana, the Reno Gazette Journal published an editorial April 10, 2017 urging the legislature to immediately eliminate the state’s THC per se limit.  

Stephie quickly called our attention to the editorial.  We were able to prevail upon the editor to run our rebuttal op-ed  that ran three days later.  

So far, no action by the Nevada legislature, nor do we expect any.



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