Why a 5 ng/ml THC limit is bad public policy

ATT000077The world is coming to realize that the infamous 5 ng/ml THC legal limit imposed by Colorado, Washington, and Montana are badly flawed.  The marijuana lobby claims users can be unimpaired at levels higher than that.  New research shows that drivers are impaired at levels well below that.  This is a position we’ve taken for years, and welcome the fact that others agree.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety issued a press release saying, “New AAA Foundation Research Also Shows that Legal Limits for Marijuana and Driving are Meaningless.”

This led to a Tom Costello report on NBC Nightly News featuring DUID Victim Voices president Ed Wood, pointing out that DUID is dangerous, unrecognized, it’s not all about marijuana, and a 5 ng/ml THC level is meaningless.

A further analysis of the flaws of a 5 ng/ml THC legal limit can be seen in the recent DUID Victim Voices article,  Why a 5 ng limit is bad public policy.


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