You can make a difference

The blog we described two weeks ago, calling upon many state legislatures to avoid making the 5 ng/ml THC legal limit mistake made already by Colorado, Washington and Montana is now up and running.

You should be concerned if you live in Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or California.  Bills introduced into your state legislature would establish a 5 ng/ml THC per se limit.  Most stoned drivers test below that level and would be protected from DUI per se conviction, and would likely also escape a DUI conviction under a 5 ng/ml per se law. 

You should be concerned if you live in Connecticut, Minnesota, or New Mexico.  Your legislature is considering spending your tax dollars to determine the “right” level for a THC per se law in the future.  There is no “right” level, simply because blood is never impaired by THC.  Only the brain is impaired.  Since THC is fat soluble and relatively insoluble in blood, it is quickly cleared from blood as it is absorbed by the brain.  Therefore blood levels of THC tell us nothing about either THC levels in the brain, or about levels of impairment.

Writing your legislator can be effective, but a telephone call is even more effective.  Please act in your own self-interest.  Check here for the bill number and legislator in your state. 


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